The-Ceramic-MechanicWelcome to my website.

My name is Pier Hendrikse and my passion is Antique & Ceramic Restoration. I studied at the South African Academy of Restoration ten years ago and since then I have been practicing from my state of the art, purpose built studio in Vincent, East London, South Africa. I have been very fortunate to have received commissions from all over the world.

I have met some amazing people in doing this work and have come to realise the emotional bonds many of my customers have with their pieces. I love Antique Restoration as each piece has a unique story behind it.When my clients arrive at my studio, many of them are devastated because their artifact item is damaged and this is because many of my clients have an emotional bond towards their ceramics. Once their antique item is restored to its former glory, they always leave with a big smile on their faces, which drives me to be even better than what I was the day before.